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Sharing T. D. Jakes’ Giraffe & the Turtle

I would like to share Bishop T. D. Jakes’ thoughts from one of his many best-selling books about the metaphor of “The Giraffe and the Turtle.”

Giraffes and turtles occupy the same space, but they don’t have the same world view.

The giraffe eats from the tops of the trees, and the turtle moves through the grass.

Do you eat at the level of your vision?

The giraffe has a 25-lb. heart that pumps blood up its 9-ft. neck, so that its head can stay high. So if the giraffe lowers his head to the level of the turtle, he will lose consciousness and pass out.

When you are built to be tall, you will endanger your position if you lower your perspective.

You cannot allow people whose vision is down low to control your actions at a higher level. They’re not wrong; they’re reporting from their level.

The turtle cannot reach up!

Don’t lose opportunities by acquiescing to the murmurs of the turtles.

Do you have turtles in your life? I do, and I’m thankful to Bishop Jakes for reminding me how I should react to them.