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The world defines peace as what is happening in our world, at any given moment in time. In the world’s definition, peace would be lying in a hammock in the back yard on a cool summer day, with lemonade in one hand, the other hand behind the head, resting with no worries or cares. The dictionary defines it under part one as “tranquility,” or “quiet.” That is a great definition until reality kicks in. If you are at peace one moment in the hammock (tranquil or quiet), and a storm blows in and flips you out of the hammock onto the ground, there is now no peace! The world’s “peace” would disappear immediately.

What I have learned in my experiences is that if you define peace based on the world’s definition, you will only be peaceful in rare moments of time over your life span. In the wellspring of your heart is where your peace must be protected. According to the Psalmist, The Lord’s favor by sending His son to save you and me is that protection of peace. If we know without a shadow of a doubt that our Father controls everything, nothing happens that He does not know, and nothing can happen to me that I am not protected from, then we would have that peace that passes all understanding. Right? If you and I do not have that peace, then are we in rejection of Jesus Christ’s finished works? That great question has a simple answer – YES!